Starting to play with Ecto and iBlogger

illumineX __ ecto - blog editor for Mac OS X.jpg I am still looking for that “awesome” blog editing tool. The TypePad online editor is really great, but there are some quirks like weird indenting behavior that frustrates me, and I often like to have the option to start a post and come back to it through out the day – while I can save drafts, having a reliable offline editor is a nice option.

The reason that I started looking at Ecto, is because I am interested in possibly leveraging iBlogger icon from my iPhone for mobile blogging. I currently use BlogPress, but the limitations for not being able to create a hyperlink cause it to really fall down. Plus it won’t naturally translate a URL into a link itself. I need to go back later to update the post to redo the links or add them. iBlogger appears to have that capability. Now that said, the cost is also triple of BlogPress icon ($2.99) at $9.99 (and it looks like it might be going up to $20.00) and some of the reviews create concern that illlumineX has not been supporting or updating the app.

Update: not accurate version 1.08 just went up to the AppStore April 6, 2010.

So, since iBlogger is built on the Ecto platform and there is a 21 day free trial of Ecto, I thought I would play with it a bit before jumping into iBlogger.

Here is a challenge I have already… see the image above? How do I get my text to wrap appropriately in Ecto?

Anyone out there blog with Ecto and/or iBlogger? Love to hear your thoughts.


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