General frustrations and a change in posting style…

image from  I just wanted to drop a quick (well relatively quick for me) post.  Part of the reason for not posting often lately was a general sense of frustration with a few situations I have been experiencing recently. Home life is great, but in other areas of my life well… So, in an effort to keep myself from venting here I have chosen to be silent for the time being.  I know that I will come through this ok, but I just want to be a bit past the initial emotions to allow for clear headed decisions to prevail as opposed to an emotion charged outburst.  

That said, I have been seeing and reading a ton that I want to comment on as well as investigate from an educational prospective.  To that end, I think that I am going to mimic the styling of John Gruber from Daring Fireball.  Brief posts with commentary and links to full articles, as well as intermittent longer posts to better flesh out ideas.  

I hope that you all stay tuned through some of the times that I have coming up and I will be posting more traditionally as time goes on.


Image Credit: Adam Tinworth "Frustration"


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