iphone-app-to-sidestep-att: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Iphone-app-to-sidestep-att_ Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance  Line2 gives your iPhone a second phone number — a second phone line, complete with its own contacts list, voice mail, and so on. The company behind it, Toktumi (get it?), imagines that you'll distribute the Line2 number to business contacts, and your regular iPhone number to friends and family. Your second line can be an 800 number, if you wish, or you can transfer an existing number.

via finance.yahoo.com

I received this article from my father at 10:17pm CST… When I checked the appstore via my iPhone at 11:45pm there is a placeholder for the app name "line2 – 2 lines, 1 iPhone" and for "Toktumi, Inc.". However, at this time both return "no matches" from a search… A search from the web-based iTunes Preview does reveal the app and info:

Apple - Search Results for _toktumi_but clicking on the app icon to launch iTunes pops this message:


Interesting how the app store approval process is still a bit broken when an app like this gets in… then get's pulled as quickly…


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