Ever had a great day?!

This week I got to have a couple. My mother-in-law typically watches my sons Noah and Joshua during the day, but since she was feeling ill I took a personal day and was able to spend a lot of time with the boys.
We got up early to get ready and then went Geocaching! Treasure hunting is what Noah calls it, but it really was a ton of fun! 

If you have not heard about Geocaching, think of it like the world's largest scavenger hunt. All you need is a GPS unit or GPS enabled phone and a little time on your hands.
There are a number of websites that record the locations of the caches, but one of the most robust is http://www.geocaching.com. Honestly, you really don't need a GPS unit, but it makes everything better. You can find a list of caches near you location (or a place you might be adventuring to). 

Then simply take a walk/hike!
Here are some of the pictures that we took on our adventure.
Note: I will be updating this post with links and a description of the iPhone app that I use for Geocaching.
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Ever had a great day?!

Ever had a great day?!

Ever had a great day?!

Ever had a great day?!


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