“Put me in Coach… I’m Ready to Play… Today…”

"Surprised Onion Man" by smithco  Well, yesterday turned out to be very interesting overall.  As some of you may know I am a member of the conference committee for the ICE Conference. As part of those responsibilities, I create and manage the conference wiki (http://icewiki.info), I am also tasked with providing a conference backchannel (occasionally moderated) and oversee the official conference streaming channels.  

So, while I was at Pheasant Run yesterday working through last minute details, popping into and out of workshops, and generally being "available man for hire" it came as quite a surprise when I was asked to fill in for a Spotlight Presenter who was forced to drop out at the last minute due to a slip-fall injury.

I am honored to be able to step into the "Spotlight" (quite literally) and pitch in.  I hope those of you who follow me here will be able to stop in for one of my sessions.  My goals for the sessions are NOT to talk specific tools (although the digital notebook session will force me into it a bit) but to talk about learning, the impact that worldwide changes are forcing into learning, and how we may need to think outside of the box to changed education overall to be able to respond to how our children and students learn. I think that it will be fun! Below are the topics:

Student Attention in the Digital Age

While there are ample examples of “evidence” that technology engages and captivate students, quite often we hear that educators feel that it either loses it’s impact over time, or ‘distracts’ students into missing the objective of the lesson.  Which are YOU finding to be true? Ask yourself a few questions: Has our pedagogy changed and adapted to meet the direction the world is forcing upon our children and students? Should it change? If so, what is getting in the way of change? Come ready to challenge these topics.


In this discussion, educator and “learning evangelist” Scott Weidig will lead a discussion that explores some of the drastic world changes that are surrounding our students lives and how they are penetrating the way in which they learn. 

Time: Thursday 9:45a – 10:30a / 11:45a – 12:30p 
Location: New Orleans Ballroom

Session Materials :

Using Digital Notebooks for Research, Clarity, and Organization 

We all face a personal challenge any time that we interact with large amounts of information… How do we gather the information, catalog it, organize it, and store it for fast access, recall, and manipulation.  Digital Notebooks can provide students, teachers, and administrators the way to overcome this challenge successfully. 

Session Goals:

* Develop a familiarity with four of the major digital notebook applications: Microsoft OneNote, Google Reader (formerly Notebook), Zoho Notebook, and Evernote. (other services may be discussed as well). 

* Discuss the benefit digital notebooks can provide for enhancing student learning by strengthening research organization.

* Discuss how educators can leverage digital notebooks to enhance their  personal research initiatives, lesson plan development, and their own professional development.

* Discuss the benefits and limitations of web-based digital notebooks.

* Discuss how students, teachers, administrators, and PLC's, can leverage digital notebooks for enhancing collaboration on all levels.

Time: 2:45p – 3:30p

Location: Salon I

Session Materials:

I'll be adding session materials here and on the Conference wiki in the next day!

[Photo Credit: "Surprised Onion Man" by smithco on flickr]


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