iPad News Abounds… Will AT&T Follow This Lead? Hopefully…

image from images.apple.com  Electronista is reporting that a telco in Austria will [potentially] be subsidizing the new Apple iPad when it is released. Here is a direct link to that article. 3 Austria to subsidize iPad, bundle 3G modems? | Electronista

What I find interesting is this information:

Rather than wait for the April availability of 3G units, 3 will also initially sell the iPad with a Huawei i-Mo router.

Now that is a cool alternative… I have also wondered about the possibility of simply getting a Wifi only iPad and then use say a Mifi or different cellular router for 3G connectivity… this could open up all kinds of possibilities (even for group work). I guess it all depends on the cost. I have been a very long time AT&T Wireless customer (since 1989) and while I have had some frustration at times, overall I have been quite happy with both the cellular and data service I have received. Now am I paying too much? Well, we all think that. Do I want to add another $30 of data services into my account? Honestly, no. I already pay $60 for my 2 iPhones, and to pay $90 is ridiculous… On that same line of thought, I cannot see the sense of having a device that is purely tied to wifi. Hey, I might find myself in a park with my boys, then how do I remain connected with the world…

What would I like to see? The ability to bluetooth my iPad to my iPhone and leverage my data pack that way. (or I would be willing to pat an additional $10/mth to use both my iPhone and iPad with the same data package, but not another $30…

Additionally, I think that we are all amazed at the pricing of the iPad… but seriously Apple a $130 premium for a 3G chip that costs $12-$22 depending on what you read? Do you really need a $100 profit on a single chip? Or is this a subtle way to help AT&T keep iPad owners off their network?

Regardless, I want an iPad, my wife wants an iPad… many many folks I know want an iPad… So I don’t where this study is coming from…

  • image from images.apple.com
  • image from images.apple.com
  • image from images.apple.com
  • image from images.apple.com

image from images.apple.com


I read this article this morning, and my thoughts began to spin out of control on some of the other possible applications of the iPad. Now if I could only figure out how to patent or trademark my thoughts and profit while others can actually make them a reality.


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