Panera: Is this a hint… [updated]

Hit and run 5[update] I spoke with the officer and he tracked down the young woman that abused my poor unsuspecting car… Apparently, her and her friend KNEW they hit my car, but according to her statement, she look at her car and mine and did not see any damage. So, she drove away… A bit different from what the witness who was right in front of her said, but she has only been driving for two months… 

Long story short, the officer is going to take everything at face value and is NOT going to issue any tickets for hit and run… As the officer puts it, "So, no court date, and basically the insurance companies can duke it out…" Oh and he spoke with her and her father… no actual trip to look at the damage that has to be on her car…

To sum it up, I am now waiting for the police report to arrive so I can call their insurance company and let them know their client hit my car, left the scene, and after we hunted her down she admitted to hitting my car… Now what are THEY going to do about it…

[original story] Maybe I should stay away from Panera for a while… Yesterday, I lost 2 hours for simply connecting to the internet at Panera and today, my poor aged 2000 Honda CRV was the victim of a premeditated heinous hit and run crime while parked in the Panera parking lot. Again, like my time warping experience yesterday, I blame my employees for this accident (well and the person(s) who actually hit my car). If they had not been so thoughtful in giving me the gift of bread for Christmas none of these experiences would have happened… 

Ok, enough parody and levity attempting to brighten my spirits… 

Today at 12:30pmish I was sitting in Panera when the manager called out. "Does anyone here own a White Honda CRV?" 

[me] "Ahh… yes I responded" [feeling that this cannot be good.]

[manager] "yeah, someone just hit your car in the parking lot…"

[me] looking at the 20ish young man next to the manager thinking… Dude, did you actually hit my car? Well the soon to be know as "witness" must have been feeling I what I was thinking…

[witness] "Yeah, I was in the parking lot and heard a big crash and looked up to see a couple of teenage girls in a red car backing up a bit with a shocked look on their faces {holding his hands over his cheeks} and then they drove off… but I got the license plate number of the car…"

[me] "You have become my new best friend can I get you a drink or buy you lunch?"

Well, not to draw this out any further basically it looks like a couple of high school girls were attempting to pull into the parking spot next to my car and mis-calculated a bit… then they mis-calculated a lot by driving away from the scene of an accident :0(

The Schaumburg Police Department is now investigating this hit and run, and my Insurance company is researching the plate and vehicle to pursue recovery of the soon to be repair costs… But, overall my car is simply feeling a bit sad…

Hit and run 2 Hit and run 6_2 Hit and run 4

Hit and run 3_2 Hit and Run 1_2      


2 thoughts on “Panera: Is this a hint… [updated]

  1. Next time we might
    give you a
    gift card to a place
    with drive thru,
    that way you won’t
    even have to park,
    and your car will
    be safe 🙂

  2. That might be nice… then would only have to worry about REAL traffic accidents as opposed to someone mangling my car when I am not around… well that and high blood pressure, cholesterol, bad food, poor nutrition, clogged arteries… Hmmm… maybe the hit and run isn’t a bad trade off…

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