Lost Time? [updated]

Losttime Timezone  [update] Well, apparently I DID travel 2 time zones when I went to Panera this afternoon. In looking at the time zone pane, Panrea was reporting to the internet that I was in Medford, OR… that must be the locations of their authentication services for web browsing… Additionally, when you click on "time zone" there is a check box to "Set time zone based on current location" so when Panera was reporting to Apple's time services that I was in Medford, OR the time on my MacBook Pro was automagically reset to pacific time… when I drove back to my school and logged into my wireless network my time reported appropriately.  Now, you MacBook users out there, you can simply uncheck the "Set Time Zone" box and select your home time zone.  I think for a while I am going to let it ride.  It will be neat to see where other wifi hotspots report out my location ;0)

[original post] Ok, This is weird.  I went to a Panera today to grab lunch (using the wonderful gift card that my staff got me for Christmas) and decided to do a bit of work in the process. So, I popped open my MAC and logged into Panera's wireless without issue.  Before I had left the office, I uploaded a number of files I wanted to review to my MobileMe account via the web browser from a PC thinking I could just pull them from the cloud onto my desktop when MobileMe sync'd automagically… I was wrong.  While MobileMe looks to be attempting to sync, it continuously bombs out and reports "iDisk not in sync." 

Not a big deal, I can do this the old fashion way, and I logged in via the web and began pulling down the files individually. However, while checking the time I suddenly noticed what could possible be the issue with the sync.  My MBP clock was reporting exactly 2 hours in the past… strrange as my time is set to sync automatically with Apple Americas (time.apple.com).  So, is it that I have strangely crossed two timezones in my travels to Panera? (really strange as it is still really cold here) Has something impacted my internal MBP clock? I can't imagine that it is a "slow clock" to be exactly 2 hours off… 

Anyone else experience something like this today?


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