Are We Ready?

Tabletkid Today, I was going through me news reader (Google even though I hate it, but since NetNewsWire only sync's to it now, it is my default) and I came across this post from David Jakes. While I agree with David that "I want one" as well, the question from an educational point that comes immediately to my mind is, "Are we ready for them in a classroom setting?"

Unfortunately, my gut reaction says no we are not, but I really wish we were. Ya see, for the last two years, we have been pumping tablet technology into the teachers hands in our district and of the 1000 or so teachers we have I am pretty confident that maybe 5% actually use the tablet features… I was thinking about going as high as 10% but I really do not think that we have 100 teachers inking or using the pen based features that could really enhance lessons… Sad really, however, on a "hey look at the silver lining" point of view many many more are actually using the tablets as laptops so we got that going for us. Wait you ask are they using them in class? Ahh… not many as we have dedicated desktops in the classroom.  We do have some really great folks doing amazing things with them, but those are the 5% who want to push the pedagogy envelope regardless of whether we would have provided the tablets or not… 

So, back to my original point, are we ready? From a teaching and learning standpoint I fear not… from a student standpoint, definitely.  So, what do you think it is going to take to bridge this gap? Younger teachers? Contractual obligations? State Standards for teachers? 


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