Any MAC Experts out there?

Ok, chalk this one up to novice platform stupidity… I just received my MacBook Pro for Christmas, so I am really… really… not versed in about anything MAC OSX… especially how to troubleshoot and solve (not make problems worse)… So, I think I went and made things worse. 

Let me describe the situation.  Since I turned on my MBP, I have had intermittent wireless issues.  Being on holiday, frankly while it was an annoyance, I didn't really want to mess with my vacation by calling support right now, as I could easily correct the issue by turning off and on the airport and poof all was well until my MBP went to sleep at some point in the future… not all the time mind you, but a couple times a day. So, being the good DIY guy I started doing a little research and this appears to be an unresolved issue for the MBP line. Here is where a little information is dangerous in most instances.

I found a wireless update for OSX Snow Leopard and figured, what harm could installing this do… While I do not think that it did much harm, it did seem to exacerbate the connectivity drops… But, here is the unfortunate situation… before I installed the update, I DID actually try to find out what the latest wireless driver I was running was, and if I already had this update, and because of my lack of MAC knowledge, I could not find either of those critical pieces of information. Now a GOOD person would have not gone through the update, but me … oh no, I went right for it with my PC mentality "I can fix anything that could go wrong…" hmm.. ya think the fact that I could not find out if an update was already on my system would have been enough of a clue that oh maybe I could not really fix something if I broke it on the MAC (or the fact that it was 12:30am might not have helped). 

Updates  Back to the story and to the crux of the question in the title… AFTER I went through the update and had a slightly worse wireless experience, I thought maybe I can simply roll back the update… Now that is when I found out where I can SEE what updates are on my system… Would have been nice to have that little nugget of information 20 minutes prior to updating. Anyway, not only did I find out where I can see installed updates, I got to find out that my MAC had already installed the Airport Client Update 2009-002 update 4 days ago AND now it is installed on my system TWICE just for good measure mind you. 

Now, if this was a PC, I could simply uninstall the update(s) and well all would be back to almost normal… however, I cannot seem to figure out a way to do this in OSX. Now I do have a Time Machine backup from earlier in the evening, (that is a nice little application there mind you) so here is the question.  How can you uninstall an update? or Can I revert my system to pre-update? If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.  

That said, your information will still not solve the issue.  So, I will probably be spending some time at the Genius Bar tomorrow trying to get a non-wireless burping MBP.

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