New Year… New Starts…

IPhone Dev  Hi all, I wanted to simply put out a quick post about some of the "new" things I have been getting involved with today.  This will also start to clarify some of the comments I put into my post yesterday.  With a new year one typically makes "resolutions"… While I cannot say that I am a "typical" individual, I have taken the resolution plunge in the past, and plan on making my more complete list over the next few days.  One that I have already committed to is becoming an iPhone App Developer.  Hey, there are 100,000 app out there why not try to add another one I am thinking… 

So as to not clutter up my rambling here, I also began the development of a sister site to this blog hosted from my MobileMe account. I KNOW… You are saying to yourself, hey you often don't post here for months and now you want to create an iPhone app AND development and maintain a new webpresance and blog at the same time! Well, yes.  That goes along with another of the "resolutions" that I am making for 2010.

Hope you check in occasionally using the iPhone Development Journey link at the top of my site and root me on in my journey.


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