Happy New Year All! – Welcome 2010!

Cabo  So long old man 2009, Bring on baby New Year 2010!  To those of you that follow my exploits, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. There will be a lot of new starts for me this year. I have been blogging more (as you have seen) up the the middle of this month when I went on vacation and that will continue into the new year.  Additionally, (and keep from trying to fall off of your seats on this one) I have move onto the MAC platform!  For Christmas, my family bought me a MacBook Pro and honestly I am really loving its capabilities so far.  There are a few things that I miss about Windows 7, but for iPhoto, multi-touch, and a few other things, I am stunned at the ease with which I have moved into the MAC.

I will have a post on the migration to the MBP posted tomorrow.  Additionally, I plan on starting to do a little development for the iPhone as well… Ahhh… all good things coming in 2010!

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year All! – Welcome 2010!

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the world of MAC! Apple’s former catch phrase of ‘Think Different’ is still the single most important driving force behind everything I do as an educator and Technology Coordinator. There has been a MAC in my home ever since they were first available.
    I wish you much fun as you explore the capabilities of the Mac and can’t wait to hear about your first iMovie experience! Good luck, too, with your jump into the iPhone app creation arena! As you know, I’m always available should you want to bounce any ideas off me!
    Cool beans!

  2. Thanks Mike! It has been fun so far. I have not played with iMovie. but iPhoto is amazing! Most of the last 4 days has been spent in there. I am also really liking the multi-touch pad. it makes it difficult to transition back to a regular mouse. Looking forward to what the year brings. I definitely be bouncing things off of you! You’re the best.

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