iPhone Apps

I have been passionately enamored with my iPhone since I received my original 3G as a Christmas gift from my family on December 23, 2008.  Since that time, I purchased the 3GS the day it launched and passed my 3G onto my wonderful wife.  We have been extremely happy with both the phones (I think she may be using it more that I do… well for Facebook anyway ;0)) and they have become a tremendously easy communication platform for us to not only keep in contact, but to sync our calendars, document our lives, explore the web, learn, and create in ways that we have not previously been able to with any other phone and some computer platforms.

I find myself recommending many of the iPhone Apps that I use to others either individually, in mass emails or text messages, or through creating specific blog posts about certain Apps. That said, this afternoon, I thought it would be a good time to consolidate some of this information into a page that I can update as I come across new and intriguing Apps. So here it is! Overtime I will be adding to this information.




iconiconDragon Dictation (iTunes link) from Nuance Communications is really an amazing app. Like its desktop counterpart (Dragon Naturally Speaking), Dragon Dictation converts spoken language to text quickly and easily, often within seconds. For the most part it can remove much of the clicking and typing that is necessary when creating an email, text message, or simply moving your thoughts from words to text.  The accuracy is very good and even if the app misses a word, often what you really said is listed as one of the options after you tap on the word to correct.  To be blunt, within two days of using Dragon, it made it to the main home page on my phone.  So, if you are looking for a great way to interact quickly without a lot of the time typically spent typing check out Dragon Dictation. I should have a review posted in the next few days.


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