IETC 2009

I hope that some o you can join me at the Illinois Educator Technology Conference (IETC) in Springfield, IL November 18-20, 2009.  I will be presenting three completely different topics at the conference this year. I’ll be posting my presentation materials her in the near future.

Update: 11/19/2009 – Once again, I want to apologize for not being able to remain in Springfield to present the information below. Over the next few days, I will be updating this page to include two things.  The presentation decks for each presentation, and also a full screen cast of the information to provide a voice over of my thoughts, concerns, and suggestions on each of these topics. 

Thurs., Nov. 19 11-11:50am Plaza B (100)

Learn the Power of Digital Notebooks 

Presenter: Scott Weidig


We all face a personal challenge any time that we interact with large amounts of information… How do we gather the information, catalog it, organize it, and store it for fast access, recall, and manipulation? Digital Notebooks can provide students, teachers, and administrators the way to overcome this challenge successfully. (Appropriate for all grade levels. Cross platform: Mac and Windows.)

Presentation MaterialsDownload Digital Notebooks 2009 Updated: 11/19/2009

Thurs., Nov. 19 2:25-3:15pm Plaza B (100)

The Benefits of Zoho Office Suite – From a Users Perspective 

Presenter: Scott Weidig


Zoho is an amazing suite of free web-based applications that can offer teachers, students, and administrators a tremendous opportunity to interact with information (and each other) in a whole new way. Do you struggle with the limitation of network/pc based applications? Zoho can provide new possibilities to increase student achievement. (Appropriate for all grade levels. Cross platform: Mac and Windows.)

Presentation Materials:

Fri., Nov. 20 9:30-10:20am Capital V (45)

Kids Utilize Technology… Teachers Internalize Technology… 

Presenter: Scott Weidig


Teaching is often looked at as a reflective process: Begin with a skill or concept. We develop a lesson. We teach. We assess. We reflect to internalize and improve. While this is not a bad model, when used with making technology integral to teaching it simply breaks the process. (Appropriate for all grade levels. Cross platform: Mac and Windows.)

Presentation Materials:


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