There is an App for that…

While I was in the process of writing the second part of "the Making of a Blog" I needed a break and was looking for a small light hearted post and I think this will qualify. Besides my five year old Joshua playing a rousing game of "shark attack" and I am the "jetski" he needs to stand on while fighting the sharks. On a positive note it is really helping my sore lower back. 

So, while I was acting as a floating platform, I grabbed my iPhone and popped into the AppStore the ckeck for updates… Then I trolled into the featured section and found this:

Seriously? Apps for Toddlers? Here are the first two screens: 

Now… There was a recent survey (link forthcoming) that showcased smartphone adoption beginning as early as second grade. While that was astonishing it was more disturbing that the adoption rate of students 2nd through 6th grades was higher that their teachers… Really grade schoolers are better connected that teachers! We all need to think about that… 

Sorry, back on topic. Ok, Joshua my five year old knows how to completely work my iPhone. Everything from voice command to games, however, I would not consider him a toddler… Now Noah my two year old who I would say is a toddler, really has no interest in it other than as a phone or well a pacifier replacement, but that was only once… 

Really do we need a catagory of games (even educational ones) for kids 2-4? Have we as a society lost the ability for dialogue with our children? I mean really in my opinion, those years 2-4 are the best time for interacting with children. They want to listen, they are interested in everything to the point of distraction, they are finding their voice and looking to ask questions and they look to their parents as heroes who know everything. 

Why would would we want to stuff them infront of an iPhone even if there is "an app for that"?!

One thought on “There is an App for that…

  1. My 3 year old son (4 in December) is all over the iPhone and ipod Touch that we have in the house. When he uses it we are with him, so I guess you could say we are interacting with him. I see no difference between that and playing a game of memory or connect 4 on a board game than playing some of the games that come as apps.
    He can already use the interface pretty well and knows we can find answers to questions from it.

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