Ahhh… It ‘ s Me!

Photo on 2010-01-18 at 14.36 Welcome to VanishingPoint!  My name is Scott Weidig and I am a consultant and educator by education and trade.  After spending 11 years in the technology/management consulting field, I underwent a major job and educational change and moved into the teaching realm.  Overall, it was doing the same thing … taking someone fom one place to where they wanted and needed to go …

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business and History, and a Master in Education Leadership.  For the past three years, I have been a conference committee member for the Illinois Computer Educators (ICE) conference, the largest educational technology conference in the mid-west region.  Additionally,  for the past four years I have been an Advisor for Technology and Learning’s TechFORUM conference held each May.  I presented multiple sessions at six different conferences on a variety of topics from the integration of technology in the classroom, specific technologies and tools, to student achievement and learning in the 21st century.  This past February I was asked to be a Spotlight Speaker for the 2010 ICE conference.  In addition to conference appearances, I have been interviewed by both Forrester Research and Network World Magazine in just the past ten months. 

After teaching for a number of years, I have experienced total convergence of all of my educational ad business and personal backgrounds, and I am curently a technology coordinator (tech director) for a high school in a large Illinois high school district.

Yup, I am being intentionally vague… I really want to keep VanishingPoint separate from my employer as what is represented here are my own thought, concerns, challeges, fear, hopes and ponderences, and under no circumstances should they be considered the views of my District. Please feel free to comment here or contact me at any time at scottweidig @ gmail . com (yup, take the spaces out.)

On November 17-18 I will be presenting two workshops at the Illinois Educators Technology Conference (IETC) in Springfield, IL The sessions are titled: Zoho Online Suite – From a Users Perspective and Digital Resources to Know and Love for Educators.  Additionally, I will be presenting a general conference session titled: Student Attention in the Digital Age.

Disclosure and Affiliations:

Overall, I write because I like to express my opinions, thoughts, ideas, and often to propogate out the thoughts and writing of others. As part of my desire to not be a “long suffering artist” I have recently chosen to begin building affiliations with products and services vendors through a service called Linkshare. You can go to their site for more information.  Basically they are a marketing company that provides financial incentives to web properities (like mine) to create a space for “blech…” ads or other links to products and services for various fortune 500 and other companies.  From these links, a (very small) percentage of revenue may find it’s way back to me.  No where near all of the links I may post will fall under my linkshare affiliation. As I begin to add vendors, I will post that information here. Currently, the programs I am involved in are with Apple, AT&T and Handango.  To date I have received absolutely zero revenue from this program.

Zoho Affiliate Program – I have been a huge fan and advocate for Zoho for the past 4 years.  I believe that they are a fabulous company with and excellent online suite of products and services.  If you have read my blog in the past you can understand my choice in becomming part of the recently announced affiliate program.  Right now, only their Projects and invoice applications are part of the affiliate program so you will begin to see links on my site referencing their tools.

My Promise: even though I really do not expect to make any sort of income from these and other future affiliations, I want you my readers to be aware of these arrangements from the start.  Additionally, when I provide links in posts that come under any affiliate agreement, I will provide a disclaimer in the post itself referencing my relationship to the vendor. This will allow you the reader to have a better understanding of any possible bias I may have had when crafting the specific post or topic.

As always, I hope you enjoy my thoughts, and come back often to participate in the conversation.


2 thoughts on “Ahhh… It ‘ s Me!

  1. Hi Scott,
    I am from South Africa and have done things the other way round to you! I was a maths teacher for 20 years and is now consulting tryong to get schools here to realsie that they need to embrace web 2 tools!
    We struggle with bandwidth and it is a hart slog to convice teachers to use web 2 tools in their classrooms. They ahve their blackboards…so why should they bother! I get a bit despondent sometimes…
    My school blog is here http://www.school2.co.za

  2. Maggie,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am going to be posting a lot more… I can’t tell if I have been lazy or busy often they feel the same when you look at what you have not gotten done.
    Honestly, I face similar things even here in the states in my district. One of the best things I like about zoho is the ability to take writer, sheet, and presentation offline so you do not have to fight over bandwidth.
    I have a couple of other suggestions as well.
    1. Encourage them to “create” offline, and then publish online. Then it becomes reviewing and analyzing then changes in possibilities for students that begins to encourage blackboard educators.
    2. Get then thinking about what they CANNOT do in their classrooms… away from the “I am just replacing the blackboard with this” Then show them how only they can achieve what the blackboard cannot. One of the best ideas I have for this is google earth and streetview. Find a great book that someone b=may be teaching and talk to them about setting or location. Get them feeling that they would like to see those places as well… then introduce them to google earth and take them there!
    I blogged about this a bit in January here: http://vanishingpoint.edublogs.org/2008/01/13/authentic-learning-making-a-story-come-to-life/
    Also, David Jakes http://jakesonline.org has great resources on this idea. The big thing is don’t give up even when it feels hopeless. You are doing the right thing for students! Always remember that!

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