It’s Official!

Welcome everyone to VanishingPoint on after about a 12 hour wait (much less that the stated 24-72 hours by my new domain name is resolving appropriately! 

I am not sure exactly why this is so exciting, but I feel really charged about this move and the future possibilities it may bring. I'm also a bit scared that no one will come along for the ride and I will just be posting for myself… Well some would say that I talk to myself all the time, so what it the harm in that?! 

For those of you who do/did reset you news readers to the new feed, great! Welcome and I thank you! 

 For those of you who are new to my ramblings, just passing through, got caught here by a Google Search, or in some other fashion, Welcome! I hope you will subscribe to my feed, comment often and help to extend my learning. I appreciate your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and voice!
Welcome all to the new VanishingPoint! 

 – Posted from my iPhone


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