Making the Jump… VanishingPoint becomes

Well, here goes…  everything… I guess.

I have posted on my primary blog host a few times about my unhappiness with many of the changes that have been occurring on the site for the last few months.  The reduction of some services, (iTalkr among my favorites) restriction / reduction of widgets and a move for many of these services to accessible to only “supporters.”  That said, overall, I have enjoyed my last 2 1/2 years  blogging on   I know I have not been the most dedicated blogger on their service (or blogger overall), but I hope that I have made a bit of a difference in at least a few of my readers lives. Every time I happen to look at my cluster map I can’t help but be impressed by the numbers of people who have stopped by to look at my often rambling thoughts.  Looking at it this morning, I still l have that sense of awe. It is humbling when I think it all started with this simple post back in January 2007.

The main goal I have one this educational technology blog is to separate my personal views, ideas, beliefs and interests from direct ties to my school and district.

The views expressed here are entirely my own and do not and should not be implied or directly represent or representative of any organization with which I am affiliated or associated.

Wow! Disclaimer out the way… Let’s have some fun discussing leadership, organization, technology, staff development, and of course educational technology!

– Convergence

Gees, this is feeling like a obituary… sorry about that.  While not an obit, this post is signaling an end of sorts… for the past few months I have been exploring other blogging and website hosts.  I have played with Microsoft Spaces, SquareSpace,, Blogger, Edublogs “supporter services”, TypePad, as well as self-hosted options like WordPress MU, and Joomla… For good or bad, for one reason or another I am landing on TypePad.  They do not have the most robust storage, but there is a consistence of service as well as support that I appreciate.  Additionally, while I am still in the process of setting up my blog, I found a number of features that I really am liking: Lists (introduced to those on my spaces account, glad to see they are part of TypePad), easy easy inbound RSS setup, social links, and more.  I know some might say all of those features ar in many of those options you looked at and that is true.  I just feel for me TypePad brought them together in a good easy to use package.

So, it is time for me to make the “jump” to a new blog host, my hope is that many or (hopefully all) of you will come with me to my new TypePad blog.  Additionally, one other thing has bothered me for years… my url… it was always too long or complicated (that was a huge knock against Microsoft Spaces, but my 25GB of storage and pulling a bunch of services together (file, photo, blog, social, made it tempting…) and there is a person in Missouri that holds the rights to just about every vanishingpoint domain until2013… so was out… The fact that he is not doing anything with them makes it all the more frustrating… so I needed to land on something I thought would work and still be relatively part of me… nothing better than your name I figure! Say hello to

You will still be able to find VanishingPoint, however, it will now be at I am working with search engines to get the new url forwarded as quickly as possible and into their search results.

I do want to say thank you to for hosting me and for everything that they have done for educational blogging overall. Parting is not without great hesitancy or forethought.  I will maintain for a while to help my readers hopefully make the transition to the new site (at least I hope you will). 

I am hopeful and optimistic about this new chapter for myself and VanishingPoint. I look forward to seeing everyone at


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