Fun with Snapture

About two weeks ago Snapture was added to the AppStore and I just had to snap (pun intended) it up. Ya see, I am more than enamored with the different applications that work to make the iPhone camera better and more robust. Overall, I really have taken the time (or had the energy) to play with Snapture. That is until tonight.

By default, I either use the iPhone camera app, more often use Camera Genius during those must have photo moments. I won’t take this time to extoll the virtues of camera Genius in this post as it is Snapture’s moment.

Honestly, after using Snapture for just a few minutes to compare the pinch to zoom to CG’s slider, I found myself taking picture after picture of my son’s eating cupcakes… In fact, Snapture is so fast at processing photos that within a minute or two I had 32 photos stores in my internal memory and sitting on the side of my viewer. That’s pretty crazy and I was not even using the 3 picture burst mode!

Now it did take about 5 minutes or so to have Snapture save the pictures permanently down to my photo roll but that was a small thing really… I don’t think that I could have taken that many photos in the same time with either CG of the native camera app especially zooming in and out…

That said, there is a major drawback to Snapture in comparison to the other two cam apps… Snapture does not allow tap to focus. You have to rely on a simple center focus zoom for your subjects which can leave a bit to be desired when the iPhone chooses the wrong point of focus.

Another interesting thing that I noticed (and really didn’t like) was that when actually taking the pictures, they look slightly out of focus, however, almost all were much sharper when looking at them in Photo Roll. It does make you question whether you got a good shot in the moment though. It is worse when you are post-moment and it actually is blurry.

Other benefits of Snapture include: full frame camera release (the reason there is not tap to focus), and push and hold then release to take the pic (which is nice for self-pics), easy selection of picture sizes, and a 3-frame burst that is pretty cool.

Overall, it is worth the intro cost, but I’d recommend looking hard at Camera Genius once Snapture moves to it’s full price of $8.99 or $9.99. Additionally, the major benefit I saw was the speed of exposure, but if that is not a big need on your list, compare the features to those of CG and I think you will lean more toward CG in the end… That said, if Snapture adds a few more features like tap to focus… We have a good head to head competition!

— Posted from my iPhone


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