A Dream Becomes A Reality

“One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind.” Forty years ago on June 16th, history was made.  I was only 7 months old when the lunar landing was made, but it inspired many many dreams that I had and still have today.  Talk about a time of inspiration.  I remember when I was 7 or 8 and “wall murals” (basically giant wall paper scenes) were “in fashion,” one entire side of my room was turned into the lunar surface looking back onto the Earth in all of the beautiful blue and green glory.Earth Wall Mural
Over the last week I have been learning more and more about the lunar mission.  The goals and dreams of the mission, the challenges, I have even been witness to the launch and landing replayed in real-time.  What an amazing achievement.  Here are a few resources that have come in handy for me if you are looking to get a fix for your astronaut jones…
We Choose the Moon
Live Blog of the Moon Landing
Moon in Google Earth
40 Year Anniversary Lunar Landing Edition (Video Compilation by Crunchgear)
Nasa Imagery - LRO images of Apollo 11 Landing MosuleFor those of you who are skeptics, or know skeptics of the lunar landing, Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter just sent back the first pictures of the landing sites… Really skeptics… REALLY? time to find another conspiracy theory…
What an amazing time we live in.  The fact that 40 years ago we could “beam” images back from the moon (or even land on it) to today where we can relive those moments in real time courtesy of technology… think of what the next 40 years will hold.  For those educators out there who will be teaching lessons with this material, I would love for you to drop a line on what you are doing.  If I can help in any way working to tie our schools together in a collaborative project on the Lunar Missions please let me know.


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