Fireworks and iPhone Photo Tools

We just got back for a really nice fireworks show in Barrington, IL. As with most fireworks shows, the wait until after dusk to start, and ours was no different in that regard. Trish, the boys and I arrived pre-dusk to select a prime location for viewing, and low and behold so did a couple hundred other would be watcher. Now since the show would not start for about 30 minutes, we brought glow sticks (the modern day sparklers) to occupy the boys attention.
My ever present not wanting to miss a photo opportunity of the boys required me to pull put my iPhone to see what I could do to record the event and here is what I caught:

Now while that is what the camera saw, it is definately now what my eyes viewed at the time… However, with a couple of tools for the iPhone, we can get a bit closer to what the image should look like.

This is pretty cool huh? My favorite in iPhone editing tool is Photogene (iTunes Link), and a second great tool by the same developer is called NoiseBlaster (iTunes Link). Photogene allows for a plethora of editing and enhancing techniques while NoiseBlaster simply allows for exposure correction, and it's primary purpose of eliminating "noise" (color blotches) from a picture. While the picture would be best served to have had a flash, this is not a bad result from an in-phone image editing tool.
— Post From My iPhone 3Gs


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