Liberation… It is easier than you think…

Liberation Day closing Fireworks III by .m  for matthijs.


Ok, it is easier for the first day at least.  I'll let you know when I hit day 30 or 60… I wil say that there is nothing better to help you succeed at something than forcing yourself to do it…


Today I ran exclusively on Zoho applications (except for my corporate email).  I know that this is not really new, but in a way I feel that it was.  In the past I always had Microsoft Office 2007 installed on my tablet pc.  It was an easy fall back, really easy.  Let me explain.  Three times today, I needed to open an existing document, spreadsheet, and presentation… in the past, I would unconsciously just double-click the file I needed and poof, the associated application would open.  However, without having Office installed, I needed to think twice, and react in a new way. 


First thing this morning, I needed to revise the quantity of a parts order.  I had the data in a Excel spreadsheet.  Oops… No Excel on this tablet anymore… for a second I actually had to pause to think of what I needed to do about this.  Then, I opened Zoho Sheet, and simply clicked the "import button" and browsed right to my file.  It kind of felt like opening Excel, and then clicking "file open." In about 15 seconds poof the file opened, and I was able to update the quantities, with all of the formulas importing correctly and recaltulating the totals instantly.  Pretty cool.  As a side benefit, I now had/have that particular spreadsheet available via my iPhone.  This came in handy later in the day when a collegue of mind needed information from that same sheet.  I was able to bring it up when we were away from our PC's…


Zoho Writer Email OutMy second, opportunity to interact with Zoho in a completely "Office-like" situation was when I needed to fill out a point of contact document for a video conference call I have with Pearl Harbor this Friday.  I saved the attachment from email, and then "imported" it into Zoho Writer.  After providing a bit of information, I was ready to send the file back to my contacts at Pearl. This time, instead of going through the "normal" process of saving a document and then "attaching" it to an email, I simply clicked "Share" and "Email Out" in Zoho Writer.  I entered a few email addresses, and off the edited document went as the body of the email right from my zoho mail account.  Nice.


Finally, later in the day, I reviewed an old PowerPoint presentation for some information that I need for a presentation I will be doing for my Board of Education.  This time there was no uncomfortableness in what I needed to do.  I launched Zoho Show from the desktop links I created earlier in the day, and imported my presentation, in about a minute, I was moving through the information with ease… All in all it was a really easy day living in the cloud.


The air is nice up here, anyone want to join me?


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