Test Blog Post

This is a test post from Zoho Writer

Into the EtherWell if I am going to live in the cloud, I can't really use my favorite publishing tool Windows Live Writer can I?  So, in keeping with my "cloud initiative" I am looking to potentially use Zoho Writer to directly post to this blog.  Additionally, this is a nice test for Zoho Writer's capabilities. 
Well, the first issue I had was setting up my blog, I was missing the xml.rpc piece to the blog url… Didn't know it needed to be there, but this was easily corrected by looking at the FAQ's for writer… My second issue was trying to get the picture you see above and to the left into this post.  Although the image dialogue box says that you can enter a url for an online photo… the dialogue would NOT let me type or copy and paste the url… when clicking in the filename/url box it would open my My Pictures folder… for me more interestingly, when I put the url in my WIndows File dialogue (like I was going to upload a fiel from my hard drive, Vistas nicely found the file in my temp browser folder, and I was able to select it that way. Hopefully it will upload.  We'll see in a minute.


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