Photogene for the iPhone

For those of you who read here occasionally, or that know me, know that I am NEVER without my phone.  That said, I rarely being my 7.1MP camera along… I often wish I did, however, well… I don't. That said, I ALWAYS have my phone and my recent acquisition of the iPhone 3G has not changed that… in fact, I seem to be carrying the iPhone more that even mt Motorola Q and I can count on one hand the number of times I think I was without that phone.  Now, starting with my Moto Razor, I entered the world of cellular photography… I upgraded to a 2.0MP camera with my MotoQ, and stayed right there with the iPhone.  However, with the MotoQ at least I was able to change some of the lighting, timing, white balance, etc. right in camera. heck it even had an LED flash… All that is gone with the iPhone… basically you get a point and shoot 2.0MP camera (that is often subject to simple human jitters…)

Even with the lighting issues, and the occasional "soft focus" from my unsteady hand, I have taken approximately 1200 pictures since December 23, 2008… Ya think I love my kids? (ok 202 pics are of my livingroom photosynth (future post).

Now one day I was looking for a quick way to crop a photo (on my iPhone) that I wanted to upload to facebook and I stumbled across Photogene.  What a blessing I found.  I honestly bought it for cropping that (and planned future photos) … hey it was $2.99 at the app store. Photogene has become one of my most used apps on the iPhone.  Al right I hear you… why not just upload your pics to  the PC and then do all of your editing there… yes I can, but I am doing less and less on an actual computer now and reallying liking it… so since I take a lot of pictures on the iPhone, I might as well do a bit of touch up work

there too… Photogene handles a ton of work almost effortlessly, and it is pretty gosh darn intiutive as well.

When you first open the app, it asks you whether you want to take a picture and then edit it, or of you wish to edit one from your camera roll, or photos that are stored on your phone.

From there you can choose your photo as I have and then you can adjust color and lighting:

From there you can select a "frame" … I really like the soft rounded edges:

Here is the adjusted photo:

Finally in a touch of the silly, you can even add "bubble thoughts" or captions to your photos…

and then simply save your edited work of art!  Photogene saves the new creation right back into your camera roll.

This is really a great tool for those of us who live a very mobile life.  Now you will have to go back into your PC or camera roll to delete the originals if you would like or keep the duplicates, but what a difference Photogene can make.  Below are a few of my originals and the adjusted versions. As you can see mainly I "auto" adjusted the color and removed the hard photo border.  As a final note, you can accomplish all of what I state above in under 30 seconds… Too cool!


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