Dare I say it… I LOVE my iPhone!

Ok, I have been trying to decide if I had given in to the "popular pressure," or perhaps I couldn't stand firm with my choice to use a windows mobile smartphone… Maybe I needed a new "man" toy… Some might even critize that I couldn't "see the light" or refused to use a "real consumer focus product." Heck I know that I often enough made the statement that if I touched an Apple product (toy) that my hand would fall off…
So, for anyone to find out that I had received an iPhone for Christmas was a major deal (especially since I needs the tell beautiful wife Trish exactly what to ask for at the AT&T store). In fact, I had three of my collegues audibly laugh when someone informed them of my new acquisition.
Well, what I can say is that I did all I could to make an informed decision… I researched the newest phones from many… many… manufacturers, I demoed 8 phones, and debated over mobile OS types and versions. I was even so concerned about the soft keyboard of the touch phones so I borrowed an iTouch from a good friend over a long weekend.
In be end, I landed on the iPhone and I have not regreted my decision at all. That is not I say that I have not at times been frustrated when I could not do something very basic like cut and paste, or and an mms message, but overall what an amazing device.
For instance, I have been able to download a number of useful apps like Photogene, the weather channel, newswire, and even this wordpress app while allows me to mobile blog. Apple got a ton of things right. In the last 6 months, the app store has pushed out over 5,000,000 downloads and has 15,000+ apps available. Some good, some silly, some just plain stupid, but hey there is a ton to choose from.
In a previous post I put forth what I used my motoq for, and aside from video (and the afore mentioned mms) I can do everything I could in the winmo world, and I can also view almost all websites in their true form, I can mobile blog, I can get indepth weather, I can edit/crop/color a photo and then upload it with a few clicks.
Heck I have even begin using facebook because of the iPhone app… Like my motoq, my iPhone is with my almost every moment of the day, and even after a month, I really find it hard to put down.


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