Zune a go-go bye… Bye?!

Can we observe a momemt of silence? Well it appears that Zune 30GB owmers can… There are stories out there there all over the net (crunch gear, techcrunch, ZDnet, TiPb, macrumors, gizmodo) that are reporting receiving information with similar stories about their Zunes being non-responsive. Right now, I am trying to get a hold of my dad to see how his Zine is faring. Anyone out there with a Zune having these issues?

Update: well Microsoft is saying that of may be the 2.2 (Nov) update for the 30GB Zune that has caused this issue for some. Some folks are reporting if you can set the internal clock ahead a day of two this might help about this issue or gizmodo http://www.gizmodo.com has a recent post outlining a DIY fix. I'd post the link, but without cut and paste on the iPhone that's a big… No
However, I am liking being able to mobile blog!


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