The Digital Generation

The New Digital GenerationSorry for the bad lighting here.  I was walking by my boys room, and I see this.  Joshua (4yoa – left) and Noah (15mos – right) are sitting on Joshua's bed… both enthralled with what they are watching, and often watching each others' screen. 

Joshua is using my Gateway E155C Tablet watching Inspector Gadget from Netflix, and Noah is watching Scooby Doo on a 8" portable DVD player.  Now on one hand it would be better if say they were The New Digital Generationdoing something creatively educational, but on the other they are both fully manipulating the devices to get the results they want… Skills?  For the last two weeks or so I have to say that I have been toying with the idea to get Joshua a NetBook for Christmas.  Seeing this only draws me closer.  (Also, self serving as I would have a new toy to play with too…) The question is: Is our current / future educational system ready for these kids?

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