Do you know how to search?

Aerial photo of Waldo

Do you know how much Google knows about how to search?

So, I believe that I am pretty good at Internet based searches… I'd feel confident saying that I am quite good at finding material, information, locations, data, etc. through a web search.  I know to narrow and expand the search, I know to look for synonyms, break things down into their component parts, come up with similar concepts, use site specific searches, search by key words or tag words, use other resources like technorati and delicious and search engines… look at visual search tools like kartoo to look for linkages… even with all of that I was amazed by what I saw on this video. 

Patrick Norton, formerly of ZDTV/G4 and, interviewed Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, about some of the advanced search techniques (limiters – definers) that are capable in Google's search engine, and frankly I was amazed at all of the cool things that I did not know Google could do…

Want to find "things" that are between two numbers? Say you were looking for the coolest hotel room in Cancun, but you were on a limited budget and only wanted to see rooms that would cost between $50 and $75 per night… How long would that take you?  What about knowing the depth of the San Andreas Fault… could you find that without needing to read 5 sites on the San Andreas? Want to know how many Euros 600 Yen would be? Need to track a package or know where a flight is? Google can do all of this but probably MUCH more easily than you think.  Check out this video:

A special thanks goes out to the Jeff Utecht the Educational Liaison at WetPaint for the message regarding this video!

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Coles off of

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