Student Engagement in the Digital Age

Wow… I have to say I felt that this was a stunning session :0) (Even if I do say so myself as I was presenting).  I want to thank everyone who attended and participated.  I hope that each f you took something away from the session.  Now that said remember this was a DISCUSSION session, not a SOLUTION session… there is a difference.
If we were working toward a SOLUTION session, I would be meeting with you (preferably individually) and working with you to adapt your curriculum, teaching practices, and focus toward your goals.  Really, the goal of that type of a session would not only be to provide insight and ideas and to encourage and motivate you, but would also be to assist you in developing the patterns and habits to empower you to achieve the skills based curricular changes and adoption necessary to reach the level of student engagement you desire.  That is not something that I can do in a 50 minute session :0)  But if you are interested in continuing discussions along those lines, please drop me a note I'd love to help.
Ok, I promised that I would post the presentation and some other material for you… Embedding is being "wonky" <– that is a technical term… seriously…) right now.  Remember our engagement lesson with the cell phones? did that go smoothly (there was an object lesson there :0) I set you all up  – wanted to point that out incase you missed it… heehee… I kill me! anyway instead of fighting with wordpress, I created a shared Zoho Notebook for you to access the presentation notes, information and resources.  The additional neat thing, is that I can add information there over time and you will have access to it as soon as I save.  If anyone would like to collaborate on providing information email me and I will give you rights to add content too. I love Zoho!
Here is a link to the notebook:
~ Scott

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