Digital Notebooks for Research, Clarity, and Organization

Digital Notebooks for Research, Clarity, and OrganizationFirst off, I would like to thanks everyone who took the time to attend my session… It is always heartening as a presenter when you have folks who arrive for the first session of a conference (especially in late November). Additionally, Iwould like to apologize again for the technical (slowness) of some of the technology.  Microsoft's PPTPlex presentation tool is not quite ready for prime time, but it was fun to use it.  Not being able to be hardwired into the network was another issue.  That said, I hope that each of you found at least one thing powerful enough to open your thoughts toward using a Digital Notebook in the future.
That said, each of the 4 tools that I didn't have entirely enough time to present is a powerful tool in it's own right.  The most robust being Zoho Notebook, and Microsoft OneNote 2007. However, Evernote and Google Notebook are nice in their own right.  As I mentioned, I use Evernote quite often when I need access to information from my mobile phone (both to upload and retrieve information).  When I do this presentation in the future, I think that I will use 2-4 slides (not PPTPlex as well) instead of the nine, and then I will move more quickly into the tools themselves.  I did not even get to show you all how easy it is to add an RSS feed into Zoho, use drawing tools, review and update a live document and spreadsheet… But, that said it was really cool that except for I think one person, everyone stayed 5 minutes into the prep for the next session.  I guess I also owe a drink to the presenters for the session that follow mine for cutting into their time.
If anyone would like more information about how a Digital Notebook could work for your specific situation please do not hesitate to contact me at These are really amazing tools that can aid students in organization, and honestly using higher order thinking skills.
If you we not able to attend, here is the uStream from the session: (sorry embed is not working right now…)
Also, Presentation Information can be found on the Zoho Notobook at: (By the way that is a Digital Notebook :0)
~ Scott


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