So You Have Microsoft Vista… Now What?

image Hey all,  I just wanted to put out a plug for a seminar session I am going to be doing on Monday night . (7pm CST I believe) at the Mount Prospect Public Library, Mt. Prospect, IL.  As you can see from the title, the sessions will be about upgrading to Windows Vista (through either an upgrade or buying a new PC).   This session will NOT focus on installing Vista…

Right now here is the partial agenda / topics I have for the session:

  • Overview of the differences between XP and Vista
  • How to choose a Vista Version
  • New helpful features in Vista
  • How to find and organize your data in Vista
  • How to move your old files and data to your new Vista PC
  • Demonstrating new entertainment and sharing applications

Session Notes and Information will be maintained in a Zoho Notebook.  You can click here for the notebook (still in development).  Additionally, I will be embedding the notebook on the presentations page of this blog and into the VP Wiki.

I am still going back and forth on building out my own information or leveraging most of Microsoft's own website.  Also, I am a bit concerned about copyright violation even just screen clipping from my Vista installation…

Finally, I will be uStreaming the entire session at: VanishingPoint (Not sure if I will have chat capabilities through the Mount Prospect Public Library so I may be streaming via BYOB through my Motorola Q Global.)



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