RSSing my News Reader Clippings

image You ever watch the toaster waiting for your Eggo waffle to popup? It always seems to happen when you look away right? FOR ME TOO! Well here was something else that popped up when I looked away.  NewsGator partnered with "ReadBurner" to enable NewsGator users to RSS the sites and stories that we feel are important to be shared via RSS with others.  This is a huge move toward collaboration and toward directing specific content to your sites.  Here is the press release below:

Share your clippings with ReadBurner (link to NewsGator Blog)

Jun-23-2008 2:51:19 PM [NewsGator Daily] [Greg Reinacker]

If you haven't already seen it, the good folks at ReadBurner have built an application to show the most frequently shared content across the web. That content could come from Google Reader or Netvibes…

…or starting today, from NewsGator clippings! If you're using clippings from NewsGator Online, FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, NewsGator Inbox, NewsGator Go!, or any of our other applications, you're all set. Nick Bradbury has details of how to make all of this work on his blog.

Give it a try, share with the world, and let us know what you think!

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 Google reader has had the ability for a user to "share" their reader with others for a while, and has been a big draw to using Google reader in the educational space.  However, Google falls far short in my book due to how I use my reader.  I go into detail here in my previous post on RSS Aggregators, but in short, I need to be able to access the full capabilities of my reader via my smartphone (Motorola Q GlobalWindows Mobile 6 – from AT&T) with clipping capability, as well as through my browser on my tablet pc (MPC/Gateway E155C) without this capability, I could only utilize my reader when I had some down time at my desk (where ever I want that to be that is… using my Motorola Q Global to access my reader allows me to catch up on information from around the world any moment that I may have down time… shopping with my wife, Mc Donald's Playland, waiting to meet with administration, waiting to pick anything up…

The best part of this partnership, is that I can RSS different folders in my main clippings folder and then tie them to pages in my blog, website, or wiki and whenever I move a clipping into that folder, it will automatically be available to anyone I want via RSS!  Sweet!

Here is a link to my NewsGator Clippings Folder



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