Testing … testing anyone?

image Now, I like to think that I am a high falut'n VIP every now and then … well at least until I get home… family is such a humbling experience… Recently, I must have attracted someone's attention because I received the following email back in late May:

Hi Scott,

As a quick introduction I'm from the WOM World / Nokia, a  Nokia-sponsored platform that covers what's being said online about  Nokia devices and services.

In addition to the blog, we also run a trial program in which we send  but Nokia devices for test and review. The N95 8GB North American  version is one of the latest releases and we're seeing social media  users like you would be interested in having the device for three  weeks to put it through its paces.

It has the same spec as the regular N95 8GB, so; 5MP Carl Zeiss lens  camera with auto-focus, full GPS, MP3 player with integrated player  keys, dual sliding action, WIFI, etc. But this version comes with  updated software and full US 3G network support. In addition to being  on Symbian, which means it?s open to literally thousands of  applications, everything from Google maps to Twitter.

If you?re interested in a three week trial let us know. We cover all 
courier costs back and forth and are available for you to contact 
should you have any questions or queries during your trial period.

You can have a look at the WOM World / Nokia at: http://www.womworld.com/nokia

Please get in touch and let us know if this is of interest to you.

Many thanks

Colin and the WOM World / Nokia team

Since that time, Colin and I have been exchanging email on setting up the trial and getting general information out of the way etc.  I am excited about testing out the N95.  For years, I was a "Nokia" guy, but due to size and features, I moved over to the Motorola line with the Razors, and now, I absolutely love my Motorola Q Global from AT&T.

imageLet me give you some idea of what I use my "phone" for:

  • Browsing the internet, I have 3 browsers on it depending on site compatibility.  Opera 8.65 (Full version standard and default browser), Pocket IE (as a backup, also standard on the MQG), and SkyFire (Currently in their closed beta, but it is nice and wil be a separate blog post).
  • Twitter – Via TinyTwitter for Windows Mobile 6 (Java version too) great little app.
  • NewsGator Go! – my RSS reader of choice… hey did you know that you can now RSS you NewsGator's article clippings… This is SWEET! Blog post coming on this shortly…
  • PHOTOS!  I take about 200+ pictures and videos (like the one below)each month with my phone… it is a 2 MP (the best I could buy last November).  I send the photos to flickr, and about 8 family members very often.

  • GPS – I LOVE that the MQG is fully GPS enabled.  I use Microsoft's Live Search Mobile, and occasionally Google Mobile Maps, Live is SO much better on the phone… for everything from turn by turn directions, to looking up stores, movies, gas prices, names, businesses, contacts to geocaching.  It's awesome.  No secondary device needed.
  • Reading ebooks… I love to read, and my preference for personal and professional literature is digital.  No need to worry about light, no need to worry about carrying something extra, no need to worry about finishing your book and not having another one to read… it is all there in the palm of your hand.  annotation, searching, enjoyment in a neat little bundle.
  • Text messaging and instant messaging – this is a huge use of mine.  Wether it is sending pictures and video to family, finding out where everyone is, or just checking in, I send about 800 texts a month.  Recently, I was buying a new printer and wanted to consult with my wife about color laser jet or just B/W I knew she was working on her laptop so I started an IM session with her.  It saved us about $300 (the difference between the color LJ and a wireless print router, and the B/W I bought that had wireless networking built right in).
  • Watching satellite TV via my slingbox… While I have only used my phone this way about 8 times, I have the ability to connect to my Direct TV dish from anywhere I can get a cell signal… It has been great when Joshua (4yoa) and I were waiting for Mommy to finish a marathon shopping session and he was REALLY bored and squirley… a bit of Scooby Doo and he was all good again.
  • Portable digital notebook.  On the rare occassion that I do not actually have my laptop with me, I take notes, messages, tips, information right onto my phone.  OneNote Mobile syncs my Microsoft One Note 2007 from my laptop right to my phone.  I can push information both ways when I sync… pretty cool.  Recently, I have been playing with Evernote (which just came out of closed beta)… while not nearly as robust as OneNote Mobile, it has the capability to push information right to the web and pull it back.  Additionally, Evernote, syncs with just about every application on my laptop so I have access to my notes at just about any time I have
    an Internet connection… which with an unlimited data plan and the capability to tether my phone to my laptop is well… just about always…
  • Laptop tethering for Internet use… I started tethering about 6 months ago when I was in a conference and could not get a reliable wireless signal.  While I do not do this often, when I do it still amazes me how well the 3G network handles data networking.
  • MP3 – Podcast – I use my MQG to listen to music, both satellite radio and music from Rhapsody sync'd to my data card.  Additionally, I have begun podcasting into the internal voice notes application.  I have also used it to record my son's voices… I have a great recording of Noah laughing šŸ™‚image
  • Oh yeah… and for phone calls…

 I am looking forward to seeing what the N95 capabilities are.  I really like the fact that there is a 5MP camera with Zeiss lens… I can guarantee that I will stress this unit when I get it even if I can only have it for the 3 weeks.  I will keep you aware of how the trial goes once I receive the … ahem… "phone".



2 thoughts on “Testing … testing anyone?

  1. Collin contacted me a few weeks ago, and I am about to return my N95 trial device today šŸ˜¦
    My review of the first weekend with the Nokia N95 8GB is on my blog. I hope to have some final notes about the N95 posted by Sunday.
    It is a great little device. The only thing I wish it had was a full-blown browser with CSS and JavaScript support (e.g. Safari). Not having that made it just a little bit easier to cope with my lack of data plan on my cell number.
    The camera is great, the wifi access is awesome, and it was just a major convenience to have so much in such a little package.

  2. Nice… I am looking forward to it. I am concerned about the thickness (looking at the pictures). I run an unlimited data plan so I should be able to put that part of it through its paces. If you are going toward this direction, and move to a full data plan, look at SkyFire (http://www.skyfire.com) It will probably take a few months to get you into the beta, but it is worth it… It will be interesting to see what happens when SF goes fully live.
    I am concerned about the battery life as well. I have gotten spoiled with my Motorola Q Global’s 9hrs talk on the extended battery… going down to 3-5 hours may be difficult for me. I did not see the wifi capabilities, that will be interesting. Does it still draw off your cell plan when running wifi? I mean does it move to voip when wireless, and then switch to the cellular network when wifi is unavailable? That would be great… it is on also if wifi is exclusively for data, but …
    Looking forward to it. Thanks for leaving a comment Mark!

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