” Big Rocks ” and Classroom Apathy (Stream of Consciousness)

En route to the SnowiesWell, here I am at a crossroads. While on one hand I want to start podcasting, on the other I would like for my efforts to have some semblance of quality… I think that I achieve a podcast here. I apologize in advance for the audio quality as I am providing this caveat: I recorded this podcast on the voice recorder built into my MotoQ Global while driving home from my Grad class on Staff Development and Supervision…
SOoooo… you know how you learn things by doing? That is what happened. here. I hope that you find my stream of consciousness appealing: (17min – 4mb)

Show Notes

  • Idea of apathy and involvement
  • Crushing feeling of being overwhelmed by classroom, parent, and community initiatives /
  • Teacher Professional Development – Lack of personal initiative
  • It there a linkage between student apathy for learning and lack of teacher intrinsic value in personal life long learning?
  • Is there a linkage to the need to provide a "reward basis" for student learning with the need to provide a "reward" for educator professional learning?
  • When will we move beyond the excuse of "lack of time"?

References made

What I learned

  • Hold the phone like speaking on a phone to greatly improve quality.
  • Have quick sheet for focus of thought
  • Think of linkages to other topics / best practices / leadership
  • Possibly speak more slowly?

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One thought on “” Big Rocks ” and Classroom Apathy (Stream of Consciousness)

  1. Steve Dembo used to do his podcasts from his car. He was the first podcast I listened to. He had a clink you could hear. The sound quality was fair for your podcast, could hear the car and street noises in the background. Not sure there’s much you can do about that. Enjoyed your ramblings, your topic hit home with me and many teachers and students I work with in regards to apathy.

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