Oh My Alice… That Hole is Deeper Than I Thought!

Ok, I have to start with this: I am seriously going to finish the Part III of my "In the Cloud" series but I keep getting distracted. Also, I don't want my blog to just be about tools and resources. I would prefer to discuss instructional / curricular / and PD issues, thoughts, ponderings, etc. BUT, I keep getting side tracked by Zoho… Dang it all Arvind and Raju stop making your apps work so interestingly! heehee… enter embedding the embedded material… (does your head hurt yet? I think it will in a minute)
OK, so I was responding to a comment that Mike Sansone left on my last post. Mike saw that you could embed a "live" Zoho Writer document right into a Moodle and was wondering how. (If you want to know, click the post link above 🙂 ) So, i was bouncing between Zoho Writer and my district moodle site when I stumbled into this…
writer html embed
Looking at the editor for Zoho Writer, there was the "Insert HTML Icon" plain as day sitting in the meddle of my screen … just staring at me … I actually think that it "dared" me to click on it… (Frankly, I think it was taunting me… ok I know icons cannot actually TAUNT someone, but it was sitting there peckishly… I SWEAR IT WAS!) Anyway… So, I clicked on it:
writer html embed2
and the little embed box opened! Now, at this point I think that my jaw actually was hanging open. I was thinking this is a fluke… there is no way that you can actually embed a video into a document and have it actually play… it's not like a picture ya know it is well a player of some sort… Then I thought OK, I'll bite. so I went and got one of my favorite videos, and laid in the embed code and clicked save… and NOTHING changed writer html embed3 on the screen… Ok I was right! Ha! I am smarter that the average bear! But, something was still niggling at me… so I clicked on the "< >" icon in the editor and sure enough my embedded code was in there… It just was not visable in the actual document view itself.
Here is a link to the original document I threw together to demo for this post:
Here what the document looks like printed as a PDF: Writer with Embed in a document
As yo can see… when the document is viewed natively, or printed you cannot see the embdded code or file… but once you embed the document itself into a webpage or something else you now have a live tool within a Zoho Writer document.
Now, until I can get back on my tablet, or I get less tired this weekend, I need you to click on the link to see what I am talking about. When I get Windows Live Writer back up (or up on this laptop) I will actually embed the documents right into this post.
It is interesting to think about this capability for the future of information literacy. Darren Draper recently wrote a blog post that was “Enhanced” for his Diigo network (of which I am part). While on the surface, the post seems completely normal with all of the detail in the post itself, if you are a Diigo user, and have the sidebar open, you will be able to see all of Darren’s thought about the post itself as annotations. What a powerful way to develop an additional layer of information about a specific page on the world wide web. I see this ability of Zoho Writer to embed a live resource right into the fabric of a document to be right along those lines.
Ok, way too tired, eyes beginning to cross, hope you get he idea I presented here (hey it is late and as of now I have been up for 21 1/2 hours today.) Love to hear your thoughts about possible uses to this “rabbit hole.”

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