Meme: Passion Quilt

St. Croix
Meme: Passion Quilt ~ Entry by Kymberli Mulford (kmulford)
This photo has been my desktop wallpaper for two months. Yes, it hearkens me back to one of the most wonderful vacations we have ever taken as a family. I love it for its simplicity, its playfulness.
Related to my passion for kids' learning, however, I see my son as the representative child playing with the big ocean of technology. He puts his toes in, unafraid, and shrieks with delight at the first experiences. He runs away in sheer giddiness, but is always drawn back again, just as the ocean is drawn in waves back to him.
Out there, beyond his scope, there may be dangers lurking in the deep waters. They are not known to him, He is trusting, playful, childlike. The dangers are not yet his concern. For now, they are mine.
As he becomes more adventurous, I will teach him about those dangers that lurk beneath the surface. I will guide his strokes, strengthen his ability to fend off unwelcome experiences, and serve as his lifeguard.
Someday, our roles will shift. He will be more comfortable in that ocean than I. He will need to step up, as all good children do, to protect me in my feeble days. I pray that I have taught him well by then, and that his years of experience as a digital citizen with morals will serve both of us well.
For now, however, we play. Together.
Note: Until Kymberli is able to get her blog up, I wanted to host this meme contribution for her. ~ VanishingPoint


One thought on “Meme: Passion Quilt

  1. Hello, I found your wonderful photo while surfing for completely other thigs. I live in Spain and I’m an avid barefoot runner in the sheashore of the Mediterranean sea where I live. I’d like to know the location of this wonderful beach, please, can you tell me?
    Toni Lloret.

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