ITEC – Presentation: Web 20 Kids Love it but WHY?!

Opening SlideUpdate: Still working with SlideShare to get my presentation up there in a fashion that I like.  So., if the SlideShare below seems broken that is why.  I have begun putting ALL of the resources, and research links on my wiki at so please feel free to review the material there. I will be updating and organizing it this weekend as well.  If I can clarify any point please feel free to contct me.
Quick post here just to get my presentation up.  Later tonight I will post more detailed information on the VanishingPoint wiki.  Additionlly, I will post the raw ppt, videos used, and other links to my wiki and link to it here.   Sorry for the delay I got pulled into a meeting and then the Keynote by Mark Prensky.  Which by the way mirrored almost exactly my presentation 🙂 I feel so validated!
Presentation from SlideShare


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