If a picture is worth 1000 words… what about video?

josh.jpgI received a "tweet" (ok yes I just joined twitter… but that is another blog post) from Will Richardson that he was going to be doing a live uStream from a local club where kids will be previewing video games.  What I can say is WOW!…
Here I was on a Saturday morning otside with my son watching him play in his kiddie pool in my front year, while at the same time I was interacting with 22 educators around the globe (US, Australia, South America) who were interested in what was happening here as well.  The chat ranged from "ideas for Christmas to parental input on video games and meeting people online.  All from the front stoop of my house.  Now that IS cool and convergence!
While there were a few technical difficulties, the concept and idea is not only amazing but confirmed my interest and intent to leverage uStream to re-connect the homebound kids in my school with their classrooms.  Tuesday morning I will be setting up a protected stream of an AP US History class that will connect with two students who were injured in a car accident and have not been in class since early September.  There are some challenges with this, from setting up thestream to getting the students the materials that will be covered in class this day (and everyday in the future) as well as how to get feedback back from the students and parents on the success of this endeavor…  If it goes well, I hope to expand this to al of their classes, and then see about adding other students as need arises.
Keep your fingers crossed.


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