I want my Daddy NOW… Not tomorrow…

By By St. Louis

The plea of my 2 1/2 year old.  Well Josh, I'm on the road home.  METC 2007 Multimedia messagehas been a wonderful experience.  I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a number of fantastic presenters and participants.  The overwhelming theme of the entire conference was "SHIfT Happens" and I truly believe that it will.  Being my first time attending the METC, I don't know what I my true expectations for the conference were, but reflecting, I can honestly say  was impressed at the focus of the presenters on the "WHY" not the "HOW."  The how is the wasy part.  We have been connecting with "technology" since two tin cans and a piece of string.  

Don't get me wrong the how was presented in the pre-conference sessions, the the focus of the main stream conference was the WHY!  That is the powerful message that needs to get out and embraced.  Once we are continuously looking at the why, it will be easy to work through the HOW!  Looking forward to next year. 


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