Being Blogged about while Blogging :)

warlick blogging me

I was treated with an un-anticipated honor while attending Steve Dembo's presentation on Blogging and Podcasts.  Having just finished a different session in the same room I was lost in re-organizing my session notes as the room began to fill up.  As I looked up I found myself unwittingly chair hogging (taking up two seats with session materials) when I sensed a presence standing where I was tucked away in a corner.  Much to my amazement I found myself stating at the face of a personal hero: David Warlick.  Overcoming my surprise and bad manners, I invited David to sit where we participated in a tremendous "super-charged" Steve Dembo presentation on Blogging and Podcasting. 

To keep myself from asking David 1001 questions, I got back to business, and started taking notes on Steve's session while beginning a blog entry.  After a few minutes goes by, David taps me on the shoulder and turns his MAC Book towards me… There I am in color sitting in the latest blog entry on 2Cents Worth… Wheehee… I am honored, flattered and floored that simply by being myself I could "impress" one of my heroes 🙂

oh… and thanks David for showing me a direct cellphone route to flickr!

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