METC 2007 – Welcome to the Sheraton Westport

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Well… Here I am.  METC 2007, fired up and ready to go!  This is my first trip to the METC and since I initially received the session materials, I have been excited to "get the show on the road!"

While I was unable to get into Wes Fryer's pre-con Podcast session (quite a disappointment) I am registered for the LoTI Observer session and am looking forward to developing a greater understanding o this professional development tool.  Others sessions I am trembling with anticipation to have get under way are: Students Perspectives on Tablet PC's (Stephanie Moore), Digital Students - Digital Tools (Lora Smith), Data Driven School (Maren Harris), Blogging and Podcasting Oh MY! (Steve Dembo), Cultivating Digital Literacy (Wes Fryer), Online Assessment – Is it Possible? (Peter Campbell), and of course Harnessing the New Shape of Information (David Warlick). 

Additionally, I am looking forward to the Keynotes by Chris Moresch and Hall Davidson as well as the Leadership Breakfast Keynote by Bernajean Porter.  All in all it looks to be a packed and hopefully enthraling conference.

More links coming…


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